Mapping Urban Phenomenons

The first step of the Disruptive Citylab platform will be to achieve the mapping of urban phenomenons on a collaborative online platform. Using geo-location tools such as Google maps, we will propose a visualization of their position in the city in order to understand their context of development.

Furthermore, the action of mapping elements will constitute the information ground for the realization of our further projects. The located areas will provide work material for artists in order to develop site-specific interventions, visuals, sounds,… and also alternative walks in the city. The various outcomes will provide a meta layer to enrich the virtual map of Disruptive CityLab in Ghent, making use of geo-location as a creative practice.

Walking as Laboratory

The physical action of walking in the city will be used as a research and experimentation methodology for the exploration of urban phenomenons in the urban realm.

Specific walking routes will also be the output of the mapping process, focusing on particular areas that we found during the first explorative walks.

This is also Ghent

This project aims to reveal the face of our areas of interest in the city and of their different resulting phenomenons by documenting them with different media (photography, video, sound recording,…).  We intend to invite different artists to collaborate on this inventory in order to have various formats and points of view.

The collected media will be then integrated to the collaborative map of Ghent that will become the platform to present Disruptive CityLab projects.

Another output will be the production of a “This is also Ghent” postcard set, to spread in the city. The purpose is to involve the observer, to confront and to awaken a sense of appropriation into the surrounding community.

Platform for urban action and intervention

Disruptive CityLab aims to become a platform that supports artists in the conception, production and diffusion of site-specific installations, performances, interventions or actions in the urban context of Ghent.

We are seeking to collaborate with artists having similar interests for overlooked urban areas and that are open to share their research on the Disruptive CityLab online platform and during dedicated events.