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Disruptive workshop at Summercamp Electrified

For Summercamp Electrified we propose a presentation (at Timelab Cafe) and a workshop introducing participants to Disruptive CityLab and inviting them to join a dedicated walk in the city. Departing from the historical area, it is based on experiencing urban morphology, following original axes, city landmarks, infrastructures (communication, transportation systems),…

This walk will be used in first instance as a laboratory for the reading of different social and urban contexts (historical core, suburbs, industrial zones, social composition) and phenomenons (urban voids, disconnected places, urban borders and limits). It will be an introduction to invite artists to contextualize their interventions in the city during Summercamp.

Other artists, urban designers, architects, researchers,.. interested in getting involved in Disruptive Citylab projects are more than welcome. This workshop is open to any artist, person with curiosity for non conventional city areas.

Departure: Saturday 18th of June, 14:00 at Vooruit Cafe (Ghent)
Info & registration:

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