Disruptive Citylab is a collaborative platform for discussion, reflection and intervention in the urban realm, focusing on peripheral and overlooked city areas and their urban phenomenons, such as: urban voids, non-places, disconnected environments.

Disruptive Citylab projects seek to reassign these spaces and our relationship with them by transforming their perception and meaning. Not viewing them as empty spaces but as an urban landscape of possibilities.

Following this main, we have chosen the city of Ghent (BE) where the combining of different urban fabrics such as historical, sub-urban and infrastructural areas, provide a location full of potentials.

Working as a laboratory where process and outcome are considered as equal, we seek to implement different research and production formats, such as physical and virtual mapping, art projects, urban interventions, workshops, city walks, presentations,…

At Disruptive Citylab, we have a preference for new developments, experiments and artistic challenges. We are looking for multiform opinions and projects, by means of involving different artists, urban designers, architects, researchers,…

If you have an interesting proposal or an opinion to share, contact us.

Disruptive Citylab is an initiative of Juan Duque and Marie-Laure Delaby.