Walkshop public space/free space?

During Springcamp 2012 organized by timelab in Ghent, we will propose a new walkshop* on the notion of public space in our contemporary society. Recent events such as the protests held by the Occupy movement, or even not so long time ago during the Arab spring, showed us a different aspect of what could represent the public space.

But how public is a space designed by urban planners and approved by public authorities? In theory it should represent the voice of the people, but isn’t it more leading the voice of the people? Telling them where to sit, where to stand, where to gather, where to walk. The impression of freedom we can get in public space is often an illusion and (not) surprisingly highly depends from cultural and political aspects.

During this walkshop, we will use the city of Ghent as a study case, starting from the core of the historic city to end in the neighborhood of Muide. The walk will lead us through various aspects of public space and how this one is giving freedom or restriction depending on its local purpose. This exploration will serve as an introduction to discuss participants’ experiences of public space (depending on the cities they are from and the one they visited), perhaps giving inspiration for new urban interventions and projects to the artists of Springcamp.

The walkshop is being led by Marie-Laure Delaby and Juan Duque.
*A walkshop is the combination of an urban walking tour with a group discussion and spontaneous exploration.

Date: Saturday 24th of March 2012, 1pm
Departure: Timelab, Spring Cafe, Brusselsepoortstraat 97 – 9000 Ghent

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Disruptive workshop at Summercamp Electrified

For Summercamp Electrified we propose a presentation (at Timelab Cafe) and a workshop introducing participants to Disruptive CityLab and inviting them to join a dedicated walk in the city. Departing from the historical area, it is based on experiencing urban morphology, following original axes, city landmarks, infrastructures (communication, transportation systems),…

This walk will be used in first instance as a laboratory for the reading of different social and urban contexts (historical core, suburbs, industrial zones, social composition) and phenomenons (urban voids, disconnected places, urban borders and limits). It will be an introduction to invite artists to contextualize their interventions in the city during Summercamp.

Other artists, urban designers, architects, researchers,.. interested in getting involved in Disruptive Citylab projects are more than welcome. This workshop is open to any artist, person with curiosity for non conventional city areas.

Departure: Saturday 18th of June, 14:00 at Vooruit Cafe (Ghent)
Info & registration: eva@timelab.org

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Photo: timelab Gent

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Walking as a laboratory

Disruptive CityLab is starting walking in the streets of Ghent. These walks are based on the urban morphology of the city, following its original arteries, nodes and overlapped structures (communication, transportation systems) and are used as a laboratory for the exploration of urban and social phenomenons.

Planned walks:

  • Brugsepoort-Rooigem
  • Rabot-Gasmetersite-Blaisantvest
  • Sleepstraat-Dok Noord
  • Blandijnberg (Ghent University)

Here is a glimpse of our explorations:

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Disruptive CityLab is starting soon…

Disruptive Citylab will be soon active in Ghent (Be), starting in spring 2011 with various projects: “Mapping Urban Phenomenons”, “Walking as Laboratory”, “This is also Ghent” and a “Platform for urban action and intervention”.

Maps will be the navigation tools to explore the different sites and outputs (inventory, recordings, art projects,…) that are also subject to a preliminary research.

This page will keep you updated of the evolution of the projects and of the upcoming Disruptive CityLab events.

Read more about Disruptive CityLab…

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